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A commodious lounge of 16,000 sq. ft. has been built outside the conference hall on the first floor for the use by Delegates. Knowing communication is of utmost importance to all delegates, the BMICH has set up an automatic telephone exchange on the ground floor fixed with 400 telephone connections. 30 direct telephone lines are dedicated for the public.

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Parking Space

Plenty of parking spaces is available at the BMICH ready to cater to any influx of dignitaries or visitors to any event or exhibition. Approximate estimate for the parking capacity exceeds 2500 vehicles.

There are three Car Parking areas currently - the East and the West Wings as well as Parking Space near the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Exhibition and Convention Centre.


The Sovereign – the elegant Corporate Hotel owned by the BMICH is a luxurious hideout away from the hustle, bustle and traffic of the city. Being just five minutes away from Colombo and seconds away from the Parliament and famous Golf Courses, ‘The Sovereign’ is the ideal location to rest the mind of the business traveler who wishes to escape the chaos of a busy world yet still be in touch.

Located in Rajagiriya, a quiet and peaceful residential suburb which in past housed the Governors of Ceylon, The Sovereign pampers its guests with 70 rooms and service par excellence with 24 hour room service, IDD calling facilities, hot water and air-conditioning available in all its rooms with on-demand TV and Mini Bar. Our restaurants ‘The Vault’ & ‘The Golden Bar’ tickle the taste buds of diners with mouth watering authentic cuisines prepared by our very own expert Chef and his team.

BMICH also has a Guest House in Peradeniya which can be utilized during visits to the central of the country.


Sanitary Facilities

All the buildings at the BMICH premises have well maintained sanitary facilities with both “male” and “female” toilets. Apart from that, 02 public toilet complexes with 15 toilets in each are located in Eastern and Western Car Parks for public access.


The official caterer for the BMICH is the Mount Lavinia Hotel and the Sovereign Hotel. Apart from that the BMICH main canteen is located near the BMICH Administrative Building Complex.

BMICH Official Website

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The BMICH has a Bank of Ceylon (BOC) branch located within the premises which is designated to the serve the BMICH stake holders during all bank working days. An Automated teller machine (ATM) of the BOC is also located within the premises to provide banking services 24 hours a day.

Technical Services

The BMICH has at its disposal a wide range of technical services and faculties which include its own water supply storage system, a stand-by power generator, automatic telephone exchange, three separate air-conditioning plants, internet/Wi-Fi facilities and fire fighting facilities in the premises.