1.        Statement of charges and deposits required for the facilities will be sent to you by BMICH. Please make payments accordingly.


2.        Temporary insurance cover from Insurance Corporation of Sri Lanka to be furnished by the hirer. Amounts will be sent to you with the statement of charges.


3.        In the event of any damage to BMICH property or claim against S W R D Bandaranaike National Memorial Foundation / BMICH, will be recovered from the refundable deposit up to the amount of the refundable deposit. Any excess amount will be claimed from the temporary insurance cover.


4.        Three specimen invitations/passes issued to participants/staff in connection with the event should be forwarded to us one week before the start of the event.


5.       A letter of approval from the Municipal Commissioner in connection with the following to be submitted by the hirer one week prior to the start of the event.

a)       Complied with the requirements of the Public Performance Ordinance

b)        Arrangements for the payment of Entertainment Tax.


6.        For the purpose of monitoring the show, complimentary tickets/invitations to be furnished for each day for the use of the Director General or his nominees.


7.        Requirements for any fixtures and fittings including electrical wiring in connection with the above event should be made by the hirer in writing with all details of institutions and persons engaged in installations.


8.        Adequate and necessary steps to be taken to ensure that no damage to property, furniture, fittings etc. of BMICH premises caused by the audience, your agents or employees. You must further ensure that your agents/employees strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of BMICH.




10.     It is the responsibility of the event organizer to ensure that all temporary structures, stalls, sheds, shelters, canopies, stages, hoardings etc. and all types of other constructions and hanging or posting of cutouts, banners etc. are steady and firmly put up and fit enough for the intended purpose, and that they are carefully handled during the construction, dismantling and transporting within the BMICH premises. All of the above mentioned items should be removed from the BMICH premises within the time frame agreed by the event organizer. (usually one day after the event). In the event of any kind of damage to persons or properties, caused while erecting or collapsing in the course of the activity or thereafter and at dismantling of such structures should be compensated to the affected party by the event organizer.


11.    The Foundation shall not be liable to the hirer nor shall the hirer have any claim against the Foundation in respect of,

a)       Any interruptions in any of the services provided by BMICH due to unavoidable circumstances.

b)        Any act, omission, default, misconduct or negligence of any employees of the BMICH.


12.     For simultaneous interpretation, earphones to be collected upon receipt from BMICH and return them to the BMICH also upon receipt.


13.     Usage of facilities, equipment and technical services in excess of the period booked for to be paid on the tariff of BMICH.


14.     Participants and guests to the event shall not exceed the maximum seating capacity of the venue booked.


15.     Food and beverages are not allowed into any part of the BMICH Main Hall.


16.     Exclusive rights for catering at the BMICH have been contracted to Mount Lavinia Hotel Catering Services. Please contact the Manager, Mt. Lavinia Hotel Catering Services at BMICH for your catering requirements. (Tel. +94 112 691994)




18.    Security arrangements and traffic arrangements to be discussed with the ASP - BMICH Police .                                  

(Tel +94 112 691140).


19.     BMICH has the right to stop holding any event if the organizers fail to comply with the payment terms or violate any other terms of agreement, without prejudice to the forfeiture in favour of the BMICH of all payments. BMICH Director General’s decision in this will be final and conclusive.


20.     If any Videographers, Photographers are used, their names, addresses and identity card numbers and details of Media Institutions should be provided to the Conference Department in advance.


21.    All cheques should be drawn in favour of “S. W. R. D. BANDARANAIKE MEMORIAL FOUNDATION”.